Cascadeur 2024.1: New Features & Free Upgrade for Basic Users!
We are thrilled to announce the launch of Cascadeur 2024.1, a significant update that marks a new chapter in providing you with the most advanced character animation tools available. This update introduces groundbreaking features designed to elevate your animation projects and streamline your workflow like never before.

What's New in Cascadeur 2024.1?
  • Animation Unbaking: Effortlessly transform baked animations into editable keyframes and interpolations, offering unparalleled flexibility in animation editing.
  • Improved Physics and Environmental Interactions: With enhanced physics that now seamlessly interact with the environment, your animations will reach new levels of realism and dynamism.
  • Advanced Retargeting and Auto-Interpolation (Alpha): Enjoy smoother transitions and easier adaptation of animations across different character rigs.
  • Enhanced AutoPosing: Leverage additional points and props for more detailed posing, including finger autoposing and layout customization.

For a complete list of changes, read the 2024.1 release notes

See Cascadeur 2024.1 in Action!
Discover how these features can transform your animation workflow by watching our teaser video: 

Special Announcement: Our New Licensing Structure
To better cater to the diverse needs of our growing community, we've revamped our pricing and licensing model. This includes the introduction of Cascadeur Free, Indie, Pro, and Teams licenses, ensuring you have access to our tools at a level that suits your needs perfectly.

  • Cascadeur Free: Provides many of the new features, such as Animation Unbaking and layout customization, with animations saved only in the proprietary .CASC format.
  • Cascadeur Indie ($99/year): A significant development for independent animators and small studios, offering unrestricted animation exports at less than a third of the cost of our previous Pro option. This license includes all the benefits of Cascadeur Free and export options to FBX, DAE and USD.
  • Cascadeur Pro ($399/year or $49/month): For professional animators and studios looking for the most comprehensive suite of tools. Cascadeur Pro includes advanced features like Scene Linking, Animation Retargeting, and Enhanced Environmental Interaction in Physics, providing everything needed to produce high-quality animations.
…for further information, please visit our plans page

A $200 Gift for Our Loyal Users!
In appreciation of our loyal Cascadeur Basic users who registered before March 1, 2024, we're offering a FREE upgrade to the Cascadeur Indie license for two years, valued at nearly $200. This upgrade allows you to access the export options to FBX, DAE and USD.

How to Claim Your Free Indie License:
  1. Open Cascadeur 2024.1 and navigate to the Help menu.
  2. Select "Claim Indie License".
  3. Select "Sync License" and complete your upgrade.
We're excited to see how Cascadeur 2024.1 will inspire your creativity and enhance your projects. Should you have any questions or need assistance, our team is always here to support you in our Discord channel and at
Cascadeur Update 2024.1.1 is Now Available
We're excited to announce the release of the 2024.1.1 update for Cascadeur, which is available for immediate download. This update focuses on enhancing your animation experience and workflow with a range of improvements and fixes.
Cascadeur's New Licensing Structure: Comprehensive FAQ
To address your questions about our new licensing model and provide clarity about the recent changes, we have compiled this FAQ based on inquiries received from our Discord community.
Preview on 2024.1: Cascadeur for Animation Editing
With release 2024.1 Cascadeur is becoming a powerful tool not only for making animation but also for editing any. The next update, planned for release mid of March, features a set of powerful tools that can help you edit and make changes to any baked animation where each frame is a keyframe, eg, any animation from asset stores or mocap.
Indie Spotlight: Knell - Cascadeur as a catalyst for indie game development
In our latest blog post, Dylan from Dawnbreak, an indie game development team, discusses the practical benefits of using Cascadeur in developing 'Knell', their first dark-fantasy action-adventure game. He provides insights into how Cascadeur facilitated the animation process, contributing to the game’s overall design and execution.
Cascadeur 2023.2 brings audio support, USD format and improved performance
With Cascadeur 2023.2 we proudly present the result of another five months of intensive code work. Today's update brings some long-awaited features and tools, but also a ton of improvements to existing functions.
Indie Spotlight: Learning American Sign Language through an RPG-Style game
Our latest blog article is dedicated to ANGOR, an unusual game project with a serious background. In the RPG-like game, the player finds himself in a world without spoken language after a virus apocalypse. In order to continue communicating with his environment, the player must learn the sign language for the hearing impaired (ASL). What does this have to do with Cascadeur? It's a perfect application for our new Finger AutoPosing tool!
App2Top Interview: Eugene Dyabin talks about the future of Cascadeur and neural networks
In this recent interview with game development magazine, Cascadeur creator Eugen Dyabin tells about his further plans, about challenges that the tool is currently facing, and, most importantly, about its integration with neural networks. We publish an excerpt of the original interview in our blog.
Cascadeur 2023.1 introduces Finger AutoPosing, Video MoCap, and macOS version
With Cascadeur 2023.1, Nekki today rolls out the first update of its AI-powered 3D animation software. The long wait for the update was due to many new features the developers had in the works: The list of improvements includes killer features like Finger AutoPosing and Video MoCap. In addition, the Mac community has been heard, and for the first time, Nekki releases a dedicated version for Apple computers with ARM chips (such as M1 or M2).
Indie Spotlight: ForNinja - Animating my dream game with Cascadeur
Hello everyone, my name is Daniil Lyubimov and I've always dreamed of making games. It all started with me buying courses on game development on Unreal Engine. But the training didn't go the way I had planned and I had to figure it all out on my own with tutorials from YouTube. And so, having gained some experience and knowledge, I suddenly felt that I could make something of my own.
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