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Animation is a complex and creative process.
If you want to get into it, but feel that you lack required knowledge and skill, this section might help you.

There are many ways to approach animation, but when it comes down to the basics, the process can be roughly separated into five main stages.
In this section, you'll find five articles, each describin one of the stages.
By reading these articles, you'll learn the main concepts of animating characters in Cascadeur and will be able to use this knowledge to recreate this approach or to develop your own.

And if you need to do some specific trcik, try checking the Tips and How-To's section - it might have it covered.

1. Reference

Studying references to better understand motions you plan to animate

2. Drafting

Creating animation drafts by setting key poses

3. Spline

Creating smooth transitions between key poses by adding in-between frames

4. Physics

Making the animation physically accurate

5. Polishing

Fixing errors and improving the quality of animation

Tips and How-To's

A collection of short guides on common animation tasks.


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