Common Issues

This page lists common issues that can occur during the process of rigging a character model, and provides solutions for them


Incorrect Scale

This issue can be fixed either by manually scaling the model or by selecting the main Joint and enabling the Local Scale option.

Incorrect Mirroring

If Mirror create option fails to properly generate rig elements or place them in the scene, disable this option and create the necessary elements manually.

Doing so, however, can lead to another issue: knees and elbows facing incorrect directions. This issue is covered below.

Knees and elbows face in the same or random directions

This issue can be fixed by setting opposite values in the Offset field.

For example, if the additional controller for the left knee uses Offset value of 10, the controller for the right knee should use -10.

Joint hierarchy doesn’t fit with the controller hierarchy

Controller hierarchy can be adjusted manually. This is done by creating a custom hierarchy for the prototype elements of the rig.

How to manage controller hierarchy is described in the dedicated chapter.

A child joint is placed improperly for creating a main direction point controller

Sometimes, child objects of a particular joint are placed in a way neither of them can be used for setting the main direction (and generating the main direction controller). In cases like this, select the newly created controller and use Manipulators to move it to a more fitting position.


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