Audio Support

Added an option to upload audio files. The audio track is displayed at the lower part of the Timeline.

New Sample Character

Added a new sample character Сascy.

Improved Constraints

Now, multiple constraints can be attached to a scene object.

Also, Constraints are now visible in the Viewport (marked with red circle signs).

Updated Trajectories

Trajectories can now be rendered in a new Relative to pivot mode.

Multiple Twists

Quick Rigging Tool now supports multiple Twist Bones per Joint.

Improved AutoPosing

  • Improved AutoPosing for the character body.
  • Improved AutoPosing for fingers.

Improved Video Mocap

  • Improved quality of the resulting animation.
  • Works up to 5 times faster.

USD support (Alpha)

Added the ability to import and export scenes and animations in USD format.

Quad Mesh Support

Added support for loading and saving Quad meshes in FBX scenes.

Graph Editor Updates

  • Graph Editor now supports integer and boolean values.
  • Physical parameters are now visible in the Graph Editor and can be interacted with.

Improved Python Support

  • Switched to Python 3.11.
  • Python modules can now be loaded through the settings file.
  • Prototype rig elements can now be generated with Python API.

Other Updates

Improvements to interpolation on a sphere.

Added ‘back angle’ parameter to AutoPosing. This parameter defines the angle at which the character’s back changes direction forward or backward.

Links to the documentation have been added to the Rigging Tools panel (for the majority of the tools).

Added an option to change the total mass of the character.

Also added an option to change the character’s mass in the Rig Mode.

Added fields to Quick Rigging Tool indicating twist strength and axis.

Added scrollbar to the Splash Window.

‘Trajectory turn off’ has been made an enable/disable function.

Visualization of AutoPhysics Center of Mass by selection.

Keyframes can now be added to every open Animation Track at once (by using the Ctrl + F hotkey).

The total number of frames is now shown on the Timeline.

Added additional functionality with the Shift hotkey for Track Stretching Mode. When stretching/compressing an interval while holding Shift, the interval does not turn "green".

Added support for commas in number fields.

The time of the message output is written in the Event Log.


Trajectories can now be enabled and disabled correctly.

Now, elements connected to the current rig - such as Joints and Meshes - are always visible in the Rig Mode (before, they were hidden on rare occasions).

Several minor bugs have been fixed.

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