Copy Tools

This set of instruments can be used to copy objects' positions and spatial orientation of objects between frames and scenes.
The instruments are available through the Edit menu, and most of them have default hot keys.


This function allows you to copy positions and spatial orientations of a selected controller (or a group of controllers) from one frame to another.

Copy (Ctrl + C) - copies positions of selected controllers in the selected frame

Paste (Ctrl + V) - pastes positions of the selected controllers to the current frame

Paste into interval (Ctrl + Alt + V) - pastes the positions of the selected controllers in an entire interval to which the selected frame belongs (interpolation on the interval is changed to Fixed)

Objects can be copied in either GlobalLocal or Relative mode. These modes can be selected on the Copier panel of the Settings tab.

  • In the Global mode, copied object retains its position in the scene.
  • The Local mode uses object's position in relation to its parent.
  • The Relative mode uses object's position in relation to a pivot point, which can be set manually by clicking a controller with the Right Mouse Button. This option is most useful in the Local coordinate mode.


Objects can also be copied between scenes, given the scenes include the same sets of objects.


This function copies all positions of a selected object(s) on a selected interval

  • Copy Interval (Ctrl + Shift + C) - copies positions of the selected objects on the selected interval
  • Paste Interval (Ctrl + Shift + V) - pastes positions of the selected objects with the previously copied ones

Timeline Intervals

  • Copy timeline interval - saves a sequence of frames and the interpolation types on the Timeline
  • Paste timeline interval - the saved interval is pasted to any place on the Timeline. If the saved interval does not fit into the selected part of the Timeline, only the fitting frames will be pasted

Tracks Hierarchy

This option allows you to copy animation tracks (Copy Tracks Hierarchy) from a scene and paste them (Paste Tracks Hierarchy) to another scene

This feature requires both scenes to include the same set of objects


Attaching Objects

Transfering Animation


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