This feature adds a set (or multiple sets) of guiding lines to the Viewport window.

The guiding lines do not affect the scene in any way, but can be used for building composition.

To enable Composition, click the Composition button on the Toolbar:

To disable Composition, simply click the same button again.

Composition is controlled by the set of parameters found on the Scene Settings panel, under the Composition tab:

The first three buttons enable and disable various kinds of guiding lines:




These three options can be used in combination with each other.

Other parameters control the appearance of the guiding lines.

Grid number
Sets the number of cells for the grid.
There are three options available: 3, 5, and 7 cells in a row, with 3 being the default value.

Golden spiral mirror H
If this is enabled, the Golden spiral is mirrored horizontally.

Golden spiral mirror V
If this is enabled, the Golden spiral is mirrored vertically.

Golden spiral flip
If this is enabled, the Golden spiral if flipped:

Diagonal mirror
If this is enabled, the Diagonal is mirrored.

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