File Menu

Contains options for managing files and Scenes.

New scene
Creates an empty scene.

Opens an existing scene.

Open autosave file
Opens an autosave file.

Saves the currently open scene.

Save as
Saves the currently open scene under a different name.

Save as new version
Allows you to save the current scene using either an old (.csc) or a new (.casc) file format. Used for migrating scenes between versions.

Recent files
The list of the recently used scenes.


These options are used for importing 3d models into scenes.

Opens a dialog for importing FBX/Collada files into the scene.

Import Usd

This section contains options for imporing .usd files into Cascadeur scene.

Adds animation to the model(s) in the scene.
3d objects (if present in the file) are ignored.

Adds 3d model(s) in the file to the scene.
Animation data is ignored.

Appends the entire content of the file (3d objects and animation) to the currently opened scene.


Appends a Cascadeur scene (.casc file) to the current scene.

Selection Groups
Imports selection groups and applies them to the current scene.

The selection groups should be saved as a JSON file beforehand (using File → Export → Selection groups).

Reference video
Imports a video file and sets it up to be used as a reference for creating animation.

Imports an audio file to the scene.

Add model
Adds missing parts of the 3d model to the scene.

If the model you import has joints and meshes not present in the scene, these joints and meshes are added to the scene while others are ignored (as there’s no need to import them). 

Add model to selected
Same as above, but only the selected set(s) of joints are taken into account.


This is a set of options for exporting Cascadeur scenes to external 3d formats.

Opens a dialogue for exporting Cascadeur scenes into FBX/Collada files.

Export Usd

A set of options for exporting Cascadeus scenes into .usd format.

Saves the character model(s) into .usd format. Animation is not included.

Saves the whole scene into .usd format, including character models, joints, animation data and additional objects.


Renders the current scene as a video sequence. This feature is described here in greater detail.

Selection groups
Saves the selection groups present in the scene as a JSON file to be used in different scenes.


Opens the Splash Window.

Closes Cascadeur.

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