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As working with an entire rig can be cumbersome and inconvenient, Cascadeur includes several Edit Modes. Each edit mode makes available for editing only some types of controllers, and each edit mode is better suited for a particular task. Using different modes for different purposes is necessary for fast and efficient work with character poses.

Edit modes are selected by clicking buttons on the dedicated panel right below the Toolbar:

Panel for selecting Edit Modes on the Toolbar

Available Edit Modes

There is a total of seven edit modes:

View Mode only shows the model itself with no controllers. AutoPosing mode is used for automated pose generation Point Controller mode is the main mode for editing poses
Box Controller mode is used for adjusting fine details such as fingers or cloth parts Joint Mode shows character armature Mesh Mode is used for working with meshes
Rigging view Mode displays character rigs    

Customizing Edit Modes

By default, every edit mode has its own preset of elements available for editing. These presets, however, can be fully customized by using the Visible (which defines what types of objects are visible) and Selectable (defines object types available for editing) menus.

To access these menus, right-click the Edit Mode indicator below the Toolbar:

Visible Menu

This menu lists every object type that can be present in a scene:

These elements are:

 Box Controllers

 Center of Mass


 Point Controllers

 Ballistic Trajectories

 Shaded Meshes


 Object Trajectories

 Wireframe Meshes

 AutoPosing Controllers

 Angular Momentums


Rigid Bodies

 Angular Momentum Ghosts

 Camera Objects

 Prototype Objects

By checking items on this list you can enable rendering of corresponding object types in the Viewport window.

The menu also includes the X-Ray feature. When it is enabled, Prototype Objects are always visible, even if they are obscured by meshes and other objects. This feature is used on the rigging stage.

Selectable Menu

This menu allows you to define which types of objects in the scene can be made selectable in the Viewport.

It contains the same list of objects as the Visible menu. Checking items on this list marks object types as selectable, i.e. ones that you can select in the Viewport.

Note: Even if an object is not marked as selectable, it can still be selected in the Outliner window.

Using these two menus allows you to completely change the appearance of the Viewport window and the set of objects to work with.

All changes made to the visible and selecteble lists can be reverted by selecting Reset all to factory settings from the Settings menu.


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