Importing Scenes to Cascadeur Mobile

Currently, it is not possible to import FBX, DAE or other standard 3d files to Cascadeur Mobile.

However, it is possible to use scenes from the desktop version of Cascadeur. This page describes how it can be done, and what are the requirements and limitations for such scenes.

Importing Scenes

To load a scene into Cascadeur Mobile:

1. In the desktop version of Cascadeur, save the scene into the standard .casc format.

2. Upload the .casc file to Google Drive.

3. In the sharing options, set access to Everyone with the link.

4. On your iOS device, copy the link to this file to the clipboard.

5. In the Cascadeur Mobile main menu, press the  icon:

6. In the dialog, paste the link to the file you stored on Google Drive.

After this, your scene should be loaded to Cascadeur Mobile.

Scene Requirements

1. The scene should include exactly one rigged character.

2. This character should have AutoPosing setup, including fingers.

3. The meshes and their parents should have identical transforms.
Local position should be (0,0,0), local rotation (0,0,0), local scale (1, 1, 1).

An example of the wrong transforms:

An example of the right transforms:

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