Window Menu

Using this menu, you can show and hide some parts of the user interface.

Node Editor
Opens the Node Editor window.

Python console
Opens the Python Console.


The next few options are only availbale in the Pro and higher versions.

Event log
Enables and disables the Event log panel.
Enabled by default.

Graph editor
Enables and disables the Graph Editor.
This option is disabled by default.

Tool bar
Enables and disables the Toolbar.
Enabled by default.

Enables and disables the Outliner panel.
Enabled by default.

Physics settings
Enables the Physics Settings panel.
Enabled by default.

Control picker
Opens the Control picker window.
Disabled by default.

Object properties
Enables the Object properties panel.
Enabled by default.

Rigging tools
Opens the Rigging tools panel.
Disabled by default.

Scene settings
Enables and disables the Scene Settings panel.
Enabled by default.

Timeline tool bar
Enables and disables the instrument panel at the top of the Timeline.
This is the panel containing buttons for keyframes, interpolation, animation playback and so on.
Enabled by default.

Enables and disables the Timeline.
Enabled by default.

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