Physics Settings

This tab contains various parameters that define the behavior of a scene and various instruments used to edit it. Like other setting tabs, it is located at the right of the Viewport window.

The tab includes several drop-down panels:


Contains settings for scene physics

This parameter defines the freefall acceleration value used in the scene. It is measured in Cascadeur units per square second (one Cascadeur unit equals one centimeter).
The value can be set manually or chosen from one of the three presets: 0.01980 and 2000. By default, it is set to 980.


Contains general settings for the AutoPhysics tool.

Physics Corrector

Contains advanced settings for the AutoPhysics tool.

Compensation Motion

Contains settings for the Compensation motion feature of the AutoPhysics tool.

Secondary Motion

This tab contains various parameters for the Secondary Motion feature.

Trajectory Smoothness

This tab contains setting for the Trajectory Smoothness tool.

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