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This page lists various issues you might encounter while working in Cascadeur, and provides ways to rectify them.

Visualizer AutoPhysics Ghosts raised an exception: no behavior

(not exclusive to AutoPhysics Ghosts; can happen with variety of tools)

This error means that the tool you try to use on an object fails to find a behavior (attached to the object) that makes using the tool possible.
Most often this happens when you try to work with an outdated scene in a newer version of Cascadeur.

The solution for it is to rebuild the scene in this newer version.

RuntimeError: rig_not_a_dag

This error does sometimes occur during rig generation.
DAG means Directed Acyclic Graph which is a type of graph (a tree-like structure) that should describe connections between the elements of the rig. Sometimes during rig generation these connections are not established correctly, forming cycle-like structures:

This is when this error occurs.

To fix it you’ll need to remove cycles in your rig.

The easiest way to do this is to subsequently delete proto components, one after another, each time trying to re-generate the rig until it runs without issues. Once it does, this means the last component you deleted was the source of the error. This solution can take some time, but it is still faster than to check every prototype manually.


(This list will be updated with new items in the future)


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